New Orleans nurse, her patient return home, seeking normalcy

  1. colleen lambert didn't think post-traumatic stress was real before hurricane katrina hit.
    the new orleans nurse is a believer now.
    lambert, 39, was stranded in memorial medical center for four days in the aftermath of the hurricane - torn between caring for her patients and her own small children as flood waters, looters and end-of-august heat threatened.

    "you have to compartmentalize what happened in new orleans," lambert said. "at first it was hard to do."
    but lambert also knows she has to allow herself to grieve, for what she went through and for what has changed in the seven weeks since katrina. lambert might get some counseling, but mostly she thinks she has to work through the emotions herself.
    "you can't take medicine for this," she said. "it's going to take a lot of time. it's going to be an emotional battle for myself and my kids and my husband."

    full story: new orleans nurse, her patient return home, seeking normalcy [birmingham news,al]
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