New Generation of Nurses 'Too Posh to Wash'

  1. A new generation of nurses who are "too posh to wash" are threatening traditional nursing practices by refusing to perform basic tasks, the leader of Britain's nurses' union, Beverly Malone, said Monday.
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  3. by   oramar
    Where have I heard that name before?? I have heard this woman's name mentioned in relationship to leadership issues many times. I sincerly doubt she would know which end of a bed pan is up. I deeply resent people who make statements like this without the hands on experience to back it up.
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  4. by   fergus51
    Yes, down with young nurses!!! They are all terrible. No work ethic, no knowledge, no skills.... Let's just leave nursing to the older nurses and see how long they last
  5. by   SharkLPN

    they ought to work with one of my colleagues; who refuses to put pts on bedpans because that's not what they went to nursing school for.
  6. by   Grace Oz
    This story further validates my argument for nursing training to be returned to the apprentice/hospital based setting!

    Now, don't you all go flaming me for this opinion! I've been in the profession for 34 years, been there, done that, seen it all, (well, most of it anyway!). And nothing will convince me that tertiary education is any way to train a nurse!!
    I rest my case!
  7. by   TinyNurse
    many a day in the ER does the nursing home patient come in with feces from neck to toes..........
    often times it's me ( new grad) and another nurse ( for 25 years) cleaning this patient.
    new nurse/old nurse nursing care is still nursing care.
  8. by   hitechlvn
    I guess Ol' Florence Nighingale would roll over in her grave if she could see this attitude.
  9. by   Q.
    Quote from fergus51
    Yes, down with young nurses!!! They are all terrible. No work ethic, no knowledge, no skills.... Let's just leave nursing to the older nurses and see how long they last

  10. by   LeesieBug
    Nurses have got to come to grips with the deep philosophical concept that carrying someone else's s*** is a privilege."
    That was the best line in the article.

    Apparently, this "too posh to wash" attitude is catching on with some students in our area. The nurses and nursing assistants on our floor this past semester in clinical loved us! They said they have gotten several groups lately that wouldn't TOUCH a bedpan or do bedbaths. I don't know HOW the heck they managed that, as that is what a LARGE part of our first year was spent doing!
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  11. by   VivaLasViejas
    The day I get too uppity to clean up poop is the day I'd better get out of nursing. :stone

    I'm sorry, but I have no use for nurses or anybody else who think such tasks are beneath them. How would they like it if that was their mother or father lying in their own waste? Or how would they like to BE that patient, unable to get away from the stench and the discomfort, feeling dirty and embarrassed because they can't control their own bodily functions, maybe having a wound and feeling the pain of flesh being eaten away by the acids in the urine and fecal material?

    Naturally, if I have two important tasks and only one of them requires RN knowledge and/or skill, I will delegate the less-skilled job to an aide; but more often I'm in there WITH the aide, cleaning up the patient and changing the linens. It's all about the PATIENT, anyway, not why some people seem to think that their status elevates them above providing such basic care, is beyond me.
  12. by   mrdoc2005
    I am a nursing student who has clean many many bottoms in clinicals and working as a cna.

    Now dont shot when I say that I think for the most part it should be done by the tech or cna. It is not that I am to good to do it. It boils down to 4+ years of college can better be spent doing things that a tech can not. I do realize that the nurse should be in on atleast one clean up per patient so that he/she can do a good assessment. But, again I think it should mostly be the job of the tech/cna. After all it makes more since to pay them $8 to do this and pay me $18 to do what my degree and license allows me to do.
  13. by   carcha
    Beverly Malone is the biggest waste of space to ever join the Royal College Of Nursing. Its because of this woman that I left the RCN to join another union. She has singlehandidly reduced a fine nurses union that I was proud to belong to to a joke and I will only return when she has left. As for the "Too Posh To Wash". These Posh nurses can only get away with this attitude if their head nurse lets them. My thinking is to retrain all head nurses in how to manage their units and their staff. A weak manager is a unit in chaos.
  14. by   KMSRN
    I agree with mrdoc2005. If your nurses are routinely bathing all patients, it is a waste of resources. I enjoy bathing patients and cleaning sh** doesn't bother me at all, however that is a task that can easily be delegated. The value of the registered nurse is in assessment and coordination of care. There are times when it is perfectly appropriate and/or necessary for nurses to perform these tasks but in this area nurses make considerably more than $18/hr - very high priced aides! If nurses are refusing to clean and care for patients who need help just because they are nurses and not aides, that is a different situation that needs to be addressed.