Need For Nurses Remains High in Maryland - page 3

The number of unfilled nursing jobs in Maryland has dropped slightly after a spike in the late 1990s, according to a new survey, but nurses are still in high demand across the state. Vacant... Read More

  1. by   snowfreeze
    Everyone finds their own nitch in nursing. Those that don't just leave. I have moved around a bit in the nursing profession in my 12 years and loved every minute of it. Making the big bucks isn't the bottom line, finding a job that will work around your needs is what matters. I travel 12 mins to work, have steady daylight and don't pay for parking plus I have pretty good health benefits. I also am a single parent with a teenager right now so I prefer to be home in the evenings. I am able to rent in a school district that is considered prep-school quality as far as colleges are concerned. Nope I am not getting rich, but I am getting what I want right now.
    Good luck
  2. by   cacwell
    Quote from pamalicia
    Does anyone know which hopsitals pay the most in Maryland?

    I can only speak for the lower eastern shore area (worcester and wicomico cntys) and say that they kinda' stink. look at christiana in wilmington DE. It's right outside of MD, it's a compact state, they start at aprox $24. hr (new grad), and have awesome benefits. I had the opportunity to do a clinical there while in school and it was the best clinical experience I had. If i could afford to move, I'd have been there yesterday.....