Navy's top nurse shares 'Aloha Spirit' on Pacific Tour

  1. Navy's top nurse shares 'Aloha Spirit' on Pacific Tour

    By:Bill Doughty, , U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka Public Affairs 05/20/2004

    Yokouska, Japan (NNS) - Rear Adm. Nancy J. Lescavage, director of the Navy Nurse Corps and commander of the Naval Medical Education and Training Command, presented key career information to nurses on Navy healthcare teams throughout the western Pacific in mid-May.

    Lescavage's visit was part of a Pacific Rim tour, visiting military treatment facilities in Hawaii, Yokosuka, Okinawa and Guam.
    Lescavage gave an "Admiral's Call" for nurses in Yokosuka May 17 at a professional development conference. She discussed the advantages and challenges of being forward deployed, outlined scholarship opportunities available to Navy Nurse Corps officers, and talked about the qualities of love, compassion and respect that she said embodies a Navy Nurse.
    "I guess the best way to describe the spirit of a nurse and a Nurse Corps officer is the aloha spirit," Lescavage said in a television interview on Yokosuka's HealthScope show. "We truly take care of people."
    The Navy's top nurse, who cut the Navy Nurse Corps birthday cake in Hawaii prior to coming to Japan, met Japanese nurses from the Japan Self Defense Force and Kyosai Hospital at Yokosuka's conference.
    "Watching our nurses here in Yokosuka and our Japanese colleagues, there is a great respect there for our profession, for each other, and a great love." she said.
    Lescavage said she sees the appreciation for Navy Nurses wherever she travels.
    "Everywhere I go, all someone has to hear is that you're in the Navy, and the stories come out, the arms get extended," she said. "That's something you can't buy anywhere."
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