National League for Nursing Calls on President Bush to Address Nursing Shortage

  1. As President Bush visited the Gulf Coast March 1 for the first time in six months, the National League for Nursing asks that he pay attention to the reality of the dire lack of nurses in hospitals and communities in the area. (PRWeb Mar 2, 2007)

    More... National League for Nursing Calls on President Bush to Address Nursing Shortage in New Orleans: Lack of Nurses at ... (PR Web)
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  3. by   amrone
    Quote from Nursing News
    As President Bush visited the Gulf Coast March 1 for the first time in six months, the National League for Nursing asks that he pay attention to the reality of the dire lack of nurses in hospitals and communities in the area. (PRWeb Mar 2, 2007)

    More... National League for Nursing Calls on President Bush to Address Nursing Shortage in New Orleans: Lack of Nurses at ... (PR Web)
    Thats really weird, I'm an RnRm(Mah-India) and multilettered in Mi. during the Katrina episode I was in Michigan, so concerned sending out emails to all the people in charge offering to come out there for free and help them. I am in my country now getting my credentials updated and helping with the update on my batch college transcript.There had been a revamping of the curricullum and since I had done it 20 years ago I offered to do it again this spring.
    If there was a shortage couldnt people like me be used. I have other specialities and was busy getting my kid to the finish line with her BSN nursing degree. I really feel my talents were wasted, I could have been of so much help, however I was able to work the front desk for the American Red Cross in my chapter.
  4. by   oramar
    If he did address it I can tell you what he would say, "open the flood gates, bring in foreign nurses".
  5. by   pegasus12164
    I think part of it is, there are many LPN/LVSs trying to get into a nursing program but the schools are constantly changing their curriculium making it harder and harder for an LPN/LVN to get into a program.
    I'm among one of three of us who work together.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    i spoke with pa nurses assoc. president patrick kenny yesterday while meeting our governor who's poposing significant healthcare reform and expansion of nursing. there is only one lpn to rn transition program in philadelphia area at la salle university. unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!

    as one who transitioned from lpn 77 to rn bsn in 1982, there were no programs then to promote career mobility. luckily, inner city hospital i chose to work in firmly believed in "growing their staff" with education grants and flexible schedules. many lpn's moved to ad,rn then later bsn, few to msn level. several cna's also became rn's this way.

    nurses have been bending gov ed rendell's ear since philly mayor in 1990's glad he listened:

    [font=felbridge-bold]prescription for pennsylvania pg 39-40

    [font=felbridge][color=#173f6e][color=#173f6e][font=felbridge]two years ago, the governor made a commitment to address workforce issues, especially with respect to the shortage of health care providers. as a result of that commitment, the administration has:

    [font=felbridge][color=#173f6e][color=#173f6e][font=wingdings-regular]�� [color=#173f6e][font=felbridge]increased the number of nursing education programs in the commonwealth;

    [color=#173f6e][font=wingdings-regular]�� [color=#173f6e][font=felbridge]provided new funding for nursing education to continue the training of more [font=felbridge][color=#173f6e]nurses; [color=#173f6e][font=felbridge-bold]67

    [color=#173f6e][font=wingdings-regular]�� [color=#173f6e][font=felbridge]established the office of health equity in the department of health to help address diversity issues in the workforce; and

    [color=#173f6e][font=wingdings-regular]�� [color=#173f6e][font=felbridge]implemented the recommendation of the workforce investment board to educate school children on the variety of health professions they might want to consider when they enter the workforce.

    [font=felbridge]building on the success of the pennsylvania health careers task force, which was created by the governor in 2003, the administration has submitted proposed legislation [font=felbridge]to the general assembly that will formally establish the pennsylvania center for health careers.

    [font=wingdings-regular]�� [font=felbridge]the center will develop strategies to address the commonwealth’s short and long-term health care workforce challenges to ensure the quality and supply of such workforce by:

    [font=wingdings-regular]�� [font=felbridge]determining the health care workforce needs of the commonwealth through research, outreach and study;

    [font=wingdings-regular]�� [font=felbridge]researching best practices in addressing similar workforce needs in other states; and

    [font=wingdings-regular]�� [font=felbridge]assessing the effectiveness of the initiatives, programs and projects the center undertakes.

    [font=felbridge][font=felbridge]the center will continue to partner with vested stakeholders to define and implement additional strategies to ensure that pennsylvania has the health care workforce it needs.

    [font=felbridge][font=felbridge]these strategies will include:

    [font=felbridge][font=wingdings-regular]�� [font=felbridge][font=felbridge]establishing a career ladder that will enable employees to enter the health care profession at one level and then obtain additional clinical experience and education to raise their professional level and increase their earning potential;

    [font=felbridge]��developing greater racial, ethnic and gender diversity across all of the healthcare professions.

    next president should well look at this model to improve healthcare services across us.
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  7. by   anonymurse
    The NLN? The bunch of folks who flunk out like 1/3 of everyone who passes the admission processes of nursing schools? So let me get this, they have a bunch of folks THEY say are capable of passing, and they manage to mangle their job of teaching them so badly they lose like 1/3? And they're passing the buck to the Prez?
  8. by   pdjoel
    Unbelievable, doesn't the man have enough on his plate already? Maybe hospitals and hospital administrators should be addressing the nursing shortage? Maybe? How about the NLN urging Pres Bush to work on things he actually can do something about that have implications on healthcare. How about addressing illegal immigration with its drastic effects of sucking money out of the healthcare system? How about tort reform which will prevent people like John Edwards from gaining nearly half a billion dollars suing doctors and nurses to finance $400 haircuts...maybe?? Just an idea.
  9. by   Raeth
    If the man can't handle being President then maybe he should retire back to his ranch. It wouldn't be much different than now considering he takes more vacations than any person I have ever met. Since he took office he's spent hundreds of days on vacation. Maybe we should all send him our sympathy because people keep bothering him to... you know... do his job.

    It's not like he's skimping on his style purchases either... his suits cost anywhere from 2k-14k. Laura Bush spent $700 on getting her hair done.

    Still, maybe if we dumb this whole presidency thing down for him... maybe, just maybe, he can get something done. Good call.
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    americans for nursing shortage relief

    the ansr alliance is comprised of fifty-one national nursing organizations that united in 2001 to identify and promote creative strategies for addressing the nursing and nurse faculty shortages, including passage of the nurse reinvestment act of 2002 - an important first step in increasing the number of qualified nurses in america.

    ansr stands ready to work with policymakers to advance programs and policy that will sustain and strengthen our nation's nursing workforce. to ensure that our nation has a sufficient and adequately prepared nursing workforce to provide quality care to every american well into the 21st century, ansr advocates for the following:
    1. [font=wingdings,wingdings]
    �� at least $175 million in funding for nursing workforce development programs under title viii of the public health service act at the health resources and services administration (hrsa) in fy 2007.

    [font=garamond-bold]assuring quality health care for the united states: building and sustaining an infrastructure of qualified nurses for the nation
    [font=garamond-bold]check out: consensus document
  11. by   NRSKarenRN
    appears that the president and hhs director has listened:

    new orleans clinics to get millions; $$$ to recruit/retain nurses

    from new orleans clinics to get millions

    the secretary of the u.s. department of health and human services said that he would release a new round of grants totaling $195 million to support healthcare needs along the gulf coast. about $100 million will flow to clinics in the greater new orleans area that provide primary care to poor and uninsured patients, the population that would otherwise rely on emergency rooms for basic medical needs.
    new orleans times-picayune, may 25, 2007

    in addition to bolstering access to primary care, the federal grants will help the state recruit and retain doctors, nurses and other health professionals, whose ranks have thinned since katrina. the $35 million will allow doctors and dentists to apply for up to $110,000 in income guarantees or loan repayments as an incentive to practice in the new orleans area for at least three years. nurses, dental hygienists and clinical social workers can apply for up to $55,000.