Narrowing Gap in Nursing Shortage Due to Influx of Older First-time Nurses

  1. narrowing gap in nursing shortage due to influx of older first ...
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    with more people starting their nursing careers at an older age, the authors project more registered nurses in their 50s than any other age group by 2012. ...

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  3. by   hope3456
    I often wondered about this. I started nsg school at 25 y.o. and was one of the youngest in my class. I would have started nsg school earlier - out of h.s. - but was scared off by the horror stories i heard about how hard it was. Now that I completed it, I have my own horror stories:spin:

    The next issue that needs to be studied in relation to the 'shortage' is the high attrition rates, fail rates...or whatever you want to call them that nursing schools have.