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Registered nurses in New Jersey face frequent and chronic exposure to verbal abuse, complaints and work-related injuries, a survey has found. More... N.J. nurses exhausted, abused, injured (UPI)... Read More

  1. by   FireStarterRN
    Frankly ebear, from reading Sue's posts, my conclusion is that she plans to bring bedside nurses to task legally in her future occupation as a lawyer. Her flowery speech here is the moral justification she has constructed in her mind to sooth her conscience. Her moral premise is that they should have banded together and fought the system, therefore they share full culpability for the deficits of the system under which they labor.
  2. by   sleepyndopey
    [quote=suebee rn-bsn;2493396]nurses are not effective at the bedside any longer. your power of effectiveness has been lost by neglecting your patients and yourselves as a profession. this has caused hospitals to become death traps, for those patients who should still be with us on earth. what a shame for nurses to have become violators of patient care and safety. can nurses stand together and change things? is there a place to start bringing change to the profession, and to your patients?

    if not, the court room will be waiting to hold nurses responsible for patient neglect. [/quote

    so nurses are neglecting their patients? this is because we don't stand together?
    you have a very interesting outlook on things here. i'd love to hear more from you.
  3. by   RN1980
    blah,blah,blah...the point is we have no control over anything. hospital admin. holds the keys. they way i see it it can only change by unions (which alot of nurses are against), education (they are to busy teaching stupid careplanning) legislation (forget it, hospital lobbist are paid more and the board of nursing is inept in doing anything except fry nurses that have dui's). until we start pulling the strings as a group be prepared for the same.