Moving beyond 'more is better'

  1. Moving beyond 'more is better'

    By Josephine Marcotty, Star Tribune
    March 15, 2008

    As she does all day, every day, Amber lies on her mattress in front of the television watching "Sesame Street." Once in a while the voices distract her from her beloved Elmo. She rolls her eyes to look at the ring of faces above.

    Two nurses, a social worker and a doctor have come to visit.
    Her parents, Tom and Lisa Kimlinger of Fridley, are among the fortunate few parents of very sick children who have been getting expert help navigating the labyrinth of medical care available to their daughter. They've learned, often the hard way, that less can be better.

    So the days of constant visits to doctors in hospitals for ever-more-complex medical procedures are over, said Lisa Kimlinger, 46. "It's not worth the quality of life. I want her to be happy in the days she has left."
    Amber, 11, was born with an exceptionally rare...
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