Morning after pill faces review

  1. Morning after pill faces review

    08:15 AEST Sun Jun 13 2004

    The morning after pill could become a prescription-only drug again following a new review promised by federal Health Minister Tony Abbott.

    The controversial Postinor-2 contraceptive pill was made available over the counter just six months ago when it was de-scheduled by the National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee (NDPSC), the Sun-Herald newspaper reported.

    Mr Abbott told the newspaper he was concerned about reports that girls as young as 13 had requested the emergency contraceptive.

    "The obvious thing is simply to restore the situation that existed before the de-scheduling," he told the Sun-Herald.

    "I am by no means convinced that that was the right decision to make and I'm looking at what the government can do to reconsider the matter."

    Mr Abbott said he wanted to ensure the drug was "not just something that people go and take like they might a vitamin tablet if they think they are getting sick".

    He said pharmacist guidelines to counsel people requesting the drug were unrealistic.

    The NDPSC made the morning after pill a Schedule 3 drug last October, making it available at pharmacies without a prescription from January 1.

    Mr Abbott's comments were made ahead of proposed legislation to be introduced this week to give parents greater access to children's medical reports.
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  3. by   dawnsternlpn
    I have taken the morning after pill a few times myself....I am glad it was available. As for the MEN who wish to change this shame on them, and furthermore at the price of about $50.00 each administration I do not feel it will ever become as common place as taking a vitamin pill. Perhaps they should look into the abundance of doctors, who so easily prescribe insurance covered, usually copayment only Viagra.
  4. by   SuesquatchRN
    Yeah, God forbid 13 year old girls have the sense not to get pregnant.

  5. by   Junebugfairy
    i admit that while i am not crazy about the idea of 13 year old's having sex, i understand that it is happening and they absolutely have the right to protect themselves from pregnancy and disease.

    i am actually glad that she had the sense to use emergency contraception, she certainly does not need the stress of an unplanned pregnancy.

    i think it may also be worth saying that perhaps the sex was not consensual, or it could have been pressured by a boyfriend. i knew how to say no to drugs and sex, and i did, but does that mean i can expect her to do the

    i am almost 27, so i am still quite young myself, but i recall being ecstatic about getting a barbie doll at 13, sex was not even on my mind.. times change, and we must react with education, safety precautions, and honest, loving support.