Montefiore Hospital Layoffs

  1. montefiore medical center issued layoff notices for 63 workers in the health care union 1199 seiu, citing "significant financial challenges."
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  3. by   kcmylorn
    "the 1199 seiu layoffs come at time when [color=#225a94]montefiore is in heated contract negotiations with another union, the new york state nurses association. the union launched a 60-second radio ad campaign targeting montefiore. the ad features a nurse from montefiore and says: “(our) employer refuses to increase the number of nurses at the bedside, compromising our ability to give you the care we believe you deserve. sadly for patients, hospital executives are acting disgracefully in talks with nurses, even though those hospitals are successful and profitable.”
    in response, montefiore emailed letters to the registered nurses, reminding them that they have relatively generous health and prescription drug benefits. the nurses do not contribute to premiums for health coverage, "

    that kind of sounds like a management threat and a bribe for the nurses to "shut-up" jmho
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I'd hate to say it, but I firmly feel that this is nowhere near the end of healthcare-related layoffs. I think that this is the beginning of a tidal wave of healthcare layoffs that will affect the majority of the United States as Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements continue to dwindle with each passing year.

    It is often the front-line workers who punch time clocks in exchange for their paychecks who are affected by layoffs because the upper management personnel such as administrators, chief nursing officers, chief financial officers, and CEOs will ensure that they continue to ride the gravy train of high salaries while the non-exempt employees are forced into an even more delicate situation.

    The future of healthcare is truly frightening.
  5. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Said this over a year ago now when Saint Vinny's was *allowed* to close; it isn't going to be the same rodeo this time around. And if you think things are bad now for healthcare, just wait until Obamacare is fully phased in around 2014. Some of the schemes may pan out to reduce costs and increase revenues, but I shouldn't hold my breath.

    New York State like most if not all fifty of the United States are or near broke and will be running that way for at least the next few years. At the same time people are saying and for once those in goverment are hearing the message *NO MORE Taxes*. So states have no choice but to cut, cut, cut, to try and balance their books which by law they all must do.

    Healthcare unions such as 1199 have been quite used to having their own way and using their power to sway elected officials, but this time things are different. Now am *NOT* picking on unions or those who are members but you can only split a pie but so many ways. You've got teachers, LE, firemen, and a whole host of others in public service all fighting to keep their jobs, pensions, wage increases and so forth. Something has got to give.

    As momma used to say; a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.
  6. by   mystory
    I just faxed my cover letter and resume there last week..

    It does seem like retaliation of administration against the nursing union.
  7. by   kcmylorn
    I don't think bailing out these healthcare systems should be on us taxpayers' back which is how alot of these hospitals have survived for years. I think the unions are mad because they too see the top manangment execs continuing to have no valuable cuts to their pocketbooks and wallets to keep their healthcare facility alive but continue to cut the clinicians at the bedside.I think it's D-day for these execs. They now have a choice- either cut YOUR salares, perk, bene, pensions or close your doors and every one will be out of a job including you, mr CEO. I'm not real sure that this is Obamacare's blame. I think this is more like "greed is good" I don't think these top level managment, administrators CNO's and CEO's get it yet- the states and the feds are broke. Taxpayers are out of work, no money coming in, can't collect income tax if there's no income coming in. No taxmoney for the CEO to cry poor and hold their greedy hand out waiting for money to be given to them. It's now time for themto be looking at themselves for a fiscal solution. They can continue to anger the unions but it will get them nowhere. Pretty soon the only ones showing up for the job will be the CEO and their top managment-That I would like to see- with a hospital full of poopy, whinny, call bell ring patients and hospital administration dashing for the chux and wash cloths in their pumps and suits! I hope they have good customer service skills.(ADIET) and don't forget to 'thank' the patient for choosing their hopsital.
  8. by   surferbettycrocker
    The Montefiore letters, signed by Susan Green-Lorenzen, senior vice president for operations, also offered a general comparison of drug benefits showing that—unlike those in management at the facility—Montefiore RNs are not required to use generics and are not penalized financially for using brand-name medications.

    yeah all u loud mouth whiners over at monti! you get real name brand drugs not generic likeyour execs! i dont know why but this just struck me as outrageous. SO WHAT! those RNS should get the cadillac of health insurance !
    who else but nurses on the front lines, in the trenches get back aches, feet aches, at risk for physical assaults work night shift day shift holiday shift rotating shift! we need the name brand drugs for our headaches, insomnia, stress level and body aches! please! i understand health insurance and scription drug costs are pricey but please!
  9. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Quote from mystory
    I just faxed my cover letter and resume there last week..

    It does seem like retaliation of administration against the nursing union.

    Over on the NY Region forum someone posted they are hiring nurses in Albany if that's any help.


    Keep your chin up! Something will pan out sooner or later!
  10. by   inshallamiami
    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Over on the NY Region forum someone posted they are hiring nurses in Albany if that's any help.


    Keep your chin up! Something will pan out sooner or later!
    Um, Albany is like 143 miles away! Not everyone can relocate ya know. ButI guess it's good to know that SOMEONE is hiring in the state of New York.