Minnesota HMO's losing ground.....

  1. Once a model of comprehensive health coverage that set Minnesota apart, health maintenance organizations continue to lose their popularity as more employers self-insure or turn to other types of plans to control benefits and trim costs. Fewer than 1 million Minnesotans belonged to an HMO last year, making up just 20 percent of insured Minnesotans and the lowest number in 20 years, according to the annual Minnesota Managed Care Review, to be released today. That decline continued a trend since 1997, when HMO enrollment peaked at 1.4 million.
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  3. by   HARRN2b
    No suprise. In case no one has noticed we are in an era of complete greed by corporate America. If given the opportunity, all health benefits will go away, and I see that happening at some point. I call this the "Walmartization" of America. You want everything cheap and get no extras. Oh, and check your own self out while your at it! Cha ching to walmart!!