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  1. by   Seth O Scope
    Omg people cheating on their spouses? unbelievable!! Thank god this is only an isolated case and not a common practice in our society. Ok enough sarcasm. Why is this even news? You want stories about people being immoral just stick your head out the window.
  2. by   rn/writer

    Here's an article that supplies a bit more information.

    It makes it seem like it is all the midwife's fault. Unless he is pretty mentally unstable he cannot be taken. He left because he wanted.
    The husband most definitely has blame in this as a person and as terrible marital partner. But the midwife has extra blame as a professional. We who see patients and families at their most vulnerable need to be able to set good boundaries regardless of what the other person does.

    Would the situation change if it was 5 years from now? (the article stated 8 months or so). 20 years? Is there an acceptable time length? What about if the couple got divorced first with no infidelity?
    The article states that the midwife added both husband and wife on Facebook just days after the birth. The husband then began saying that he was staying overnight at friends' houses when, apparently, he was staying with the midwife. He moved in with her after five months of sneaking around.

    The usual length of time to wait before beginning a personal relationship is one year after ending the professional relationship. That gives the parties a better chance to meet on equal footing and see each other more realistically.

    If the man had been divorced apart from anything the midwife had done and they together had not chosen to betray her trust, the situation would be different.

    Why is this even news? You want stories about people being immoral just stick your head out the window.
    It isn't the fact that two people decided to do something immoral that's raising eyebrows here. Unfortunately, that's all too common. It's the idea that a medical professional turned her back on the ethical standards that a lot of us adhere to and betrayed her patient in the process that is so appalling. When you enter people's personal lives you have an obligation not to take advantage of that intimate access for your own purposes.

    The husband is a personal and marital failure. BTW, he left his wife on Mother's Day.

    The midwife is a personal and professional failure. She has three children, two of them with the long-time boyfriend she broke up with to be with the other woman's husband.

    It's disturbing to see a ho-hum attitude toward professional ethics. Is this not being taught anymore? Has life just become a free-for-all with even professional people tossing responsibility out the window if they feel like doing something? I really hope not.