Michigan - Blodgett nurses protest firing

  1. GRAND RAPIDS -- Hospital officials at Blodgett Spectrum Campus hoped for business as usual today, after surgical nurses refused to work Wednesday and shut down all but emergency surgeries.

    Dozens of nurses joined the work protest, which followed the announcement a nurse manager of the operating room had been fired.

    Their action forced the hospital to cancel "more than half" its average quotient of 35 surgeries, according to Blodgett spokesman Bruce Rossman.

    "They said they weren't going to begin working until they had an opportunity to discuss this with administration," Rossman said....

    "Nursing is a pressure cooker in many, many locations," said Lody Zwarensteyn, president of the Alliance for Health in Grand Rapids.

    Chronic shortages of nurses force hospitals to schedule mandatory overtime, Zwarensteyn said.

    Full Story: http://www.mlive.com/news/grpress/in...6709292620.xml
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