MCC (FL) raises bar for nursing program.

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    In the past few years, Manatee Community College's (FL) nursing program has seen a decline in the passing rates among graduates who take the NCLEX on their first try, records show.

    The most significant changes involved increasing the course passing grade from 75 percent to 80 percent and implementing a comprehensive exam students must pass before graduation.

    Effective this fall, students will have two chances to pass a standardized test before they can graduate.

    But students in Manatee Community College's nursing program said changing course requirements in midstream is unfair...
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  3. by   Jolie
    I find it interesting that the school's method of raising its NCLEX pass rate is to raise its passing grade from 75% to 80% and add an exit exam that graduates must pass on the first or second try. All these measures will do is weed out more candidates, not improve the quality of education they receive. There was no mention of altering the curriculum, enhancing the faculty, providing additional clinical experiences or offering individualized counseling and/or tutoring.

    I agree with the currently-enrolled students that they should have the option of completing their education under the graduation standards that were in place at the time they enrolled and began the program. A unilateral change in graduation requirements imposed by the college violates the contract the college made with the students, based upon the requirements listed in the catalog.

    Changing the requirements for subsequent classes is fine, but I sincerely hope that those changes are accompanied by meaningful changes in instruction as well, or they will be for naught.
  4. by   MikeyJ
    The school I attended faced similar challenges. They once had one of the highest pass rates in the state, but a few years ago began to notice that their board pass rates had fallen below the 80% mark and they were not sure why.

    In order to increase them, they changed the curriculum, hired new staff, and revised their entranace standards and passing standards.

    My graduating class was one of the first classes under their new changes and so far everyone in my class has passed their board exam. We will see if the changes they made worked. A few of the changes the school made resulted in our class losing nearly 30% of our students.
  5. by   BlueRidgeHomeRN
    i can only applaud any means employed to increase knowledge in entry level programs. i continue to be taken aback by the shear number of threads about flunking the nclex multiple times! good grief!!! i graduated in 1991 and only one person in our class failed boards....and she wasn''t very bright or organized. what has happened that allows all these people to graduate without basic nursing knowledge??
  6. by   hogan4736
    Quote from blueridgehomern
    ...what has happened that allows all these people to graduate without basic nursing knowledge??
    in my experience (nursing instructor 5+ years,) poor test taking skills, anxiety, and a host of other factors can cause one to fail the boards...

    let's be honest, passing the boards does not a good nurse make (do you remember some of those obscure questions??)
    there is little correlation between the two...

    and jolie makes an excellent point. raising the passing grade to 80% does nothing but weed students out. it might make the end result (# of nclex fails) lower, but only because the sample size has decreased.
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  7. by   labrador4122
    I have a friend who attended MCC and she told me that after the 2nd semester the instructor told them "ok, we are not trying to fail you now, you already showed us that you can make it" and after that, all the tests were made very easy.
    Hence, she was one of the few who did not pass boards the first time.
  8. by   caramel660
    totally agree! how is it that so many can graduate but end up failing the boards. same issue came up with my class and to be honest, you kind of know who might end up passing and who won't.
  9. by   labrador4122
    when I was in school-- all my classes were challenging all the way down to the end-- and only 11 students graduated out of a group that I started with (I ended up not graduating there because I missed one day of clinicals because I was having my baby and the dean and not very nice peds teacher did not let me make up that one day clinical).
    All 11 passed boards the first time.

    the following class where I was added to, all 48 who graduated with me, (that class started out with 80 students), all but one failed boards.

    taking my nclex I did not feel confident at all-- but I took a review course, listened to a live lecture review, and studied 3 months straight until I couldn't review anymore and I passed 1st time with 75Q
  10. by   LovesLucy
    I am going to have to rethink my grand plan here. I was planning on bridging into manatee, but after reading this, I will have to reconsider. I attended there about 20 years ago in non-nursing areas, but this whole - make it harder to flunk out the ones who won't pass mentality vs teach better doesn't sit well with me.