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What an incredible story!! More than 20 people performed CPR on a dying Minnesota man for more than an hour and a half in what is believed to be the longest successful resuscitation ever... Read More

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    Surprised he doesn't have an anoxic brain injury now...
    See this link for more technical details. Notice that they had supportive equipment and were able to monitor his CO2 levels.
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    Awesome story and pretty amazing that in a small town 20 people knew how to do CPR! I highly doubt that would happen my large Chicago suburan area...
    I know what you mean. My family and I went out to eat lunch one day not too long ago and the restaurant we were at was almost full. The waitress made a comment on how we would need to move my son's high chair because they were going to have to clear a path to bring the man out. I looked behind me and at some point right before or after we were seated a man had collapsed. I walk over and there was a man performing CPR solo and the man that had collapsed was a pretty hefty guy. We started 2 person CPR. Everyone else stopped what they were doing and watched. I was getting ready to have my husband come help us out because after only a few cycles I was getting tired. EMS showed up at that point. I was shocked that out of 70 or so people only one person initially stepped up.
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    Nice story
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    I wonder how this story would have been different in a large metro area, like New York or Miami.
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    I am a firm believer that the last 4 years in high school should include CPR certification/learning every year. I think if we did that, then there would always be someone around who at least remembered enough to save a life.
    And basic first aid. We had a kid bleed out several years ago because he got into a fight in a parking lot, took a pocket knife stab in the upper arm, and bled to death because no one had enough sense to recognize the need to call 911 when blood spurts, nor to apply pressure.

    CPR and basic first aid should be considered life skills that are taught in every gym class, every health class, every year starting in elementary school.
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    Knowledge is power! Great story. Thanks for sharing it.