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  1. by   familychick
    As strange as it may sound, I feel safer now working in a maximum security prison then I did when I worked in a hospital.
  2. by   pinfinity
    Quote from VORB

    We have a nurse on my shift who is 'fired' by patients on a biweekly basis. That is the fault of the nurse, not the patient.
    ...While I don't know the specifics of your statement and the Nurse in question I have to disagree slightly. I have been in this position many times and never felt like it was my fault. It is usually me who asks if they want another nurse because of the tension. It is always an uncomfortable situation to be in but if it makes the patient feel better, It doesn't bother me. I've never looked at why this is. I have encountered it in the South. Maybe it's because I'm a scary lookin' guy. I've been told that I look like a mass murderer by some less than sensitive people. I'm a prety big guy, 6' 245lbs /Yule Brenner looking. Maybe it's my breath? LOL!