Manslaughter trial begins in nursing home death - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

    manslaughter trial begins in nursing home death
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    prosecutor cites official's disregard in resident's death

    tuesday, january 09, 2007
    by cindi lash, pittsburgh post-gazette

    the administrator of a former nursing home knew about, but recklessly disregarded, severe understaffing and other problems that led to the death of a resident with alzheimer's disease, a prosecutor said yesterday
    . ... opening remarks, mr. merrick said witnesses and evidence would be presented to prove that mrs. bell and atrium did not provide supervision or care that reasonable people would expect from a nursing home. between 70 percent and 80 percent of atrium's residents suffered from some form of dementia, he said.
    on the night mrs. taylor died, her unit of 29 residents who required nursing and other care was entrusted to two aides who'd been hired minutes before the 3 to 11 p.m. shift began and given only a 10-minute orientation, mr. merrick said. other staffers left atrium at mrs. bell's request that night to attend a seminar on vitamins that mrs. bell planned to sell, he said...

    he also disputed prosecutors' contention that mrs. bell and employees tried to cover up mrs. taylor's death by washing and redressing her body after carrying her from the courtyard to her room. that was done out of respect and concern that mrs. taylor's family would have time with her before funeral home workers arrived, he said.
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  3. by   Simplepleasures
    Interesting. I wonder where the state survey reports are from this facility? I think that these cases are now being prosecuted by the DOJ or another legal body because the state did not enforce the laws that govern healthcare facilities OR these LTCs are so good at hiding what really goes on, that state was bamboozeled. Just a theory of mine.
  4. by   DarciaMoonz
    That's sad. The article states that two NAs that knew nothing about the place was left in charge. I wonder do they mean in charge of the care of all of those residents, or in charge of the unit. Either way it is a tragedy. Even if they had a charge nurse and supervisor, two people should not have been left to care for so many residents.