Man shoots himself in the ER - page 2

this is from This happend while I was working there yesterday. I have never in 10 years had a day like this at work. Man shoots himself at ER Victim in critical... Read More

  1. by   nurseboy9999
    triaging x-mas eve 2340 hrs a person arrives to be seen by a Dr.
    complaint: I need my sutures removed ? when were sutures put in 30 days ago ,,,on assess a fully healed wound on a finger not even a scar and 2 stitches almost grown out ,,,, when asked why on x-mas eve well they didn't give me a followup time and I was busy till now ,,5 hrs later after suture removal asked of a welfare taxi home ???? how sad is that
  2. by   nurseboy9999
    last month a large 6ft4in