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  1. by   Lilith
    Unfortunately, this type of incident speaks loudly to the relative lack of security present in most ER's. Its only a matter of time before someone walks into an ER somewhere adn opens fire just like in Columbine, etc. Many ER's are located in high crime areas, and with wait times and the ever increasing amount of crisis patients forced to camp out forever in ER's, God knows we piss off enough people.

    Ofcourse, in my ER administration always cries poor for providing more that two security officers to cover the whole hospital at peak times. NO metal detectors, no one to control who walks in and out of the treatment area doors as they open and close for staff......

  2. by   perfectbluebuildings
    One of my friends was at her first clinical day in a particular hospital on a psych unit, and a local well-loved cop drove up to the hospital, had his wife and daughter in the car, and shot himself. She went with the charge nurse of the psych unit, whom she was working with, to help with the traumatized family and staff. It was very sad, and I don't think anyone ever figured out why he had done it. Suicide feels like such an unresolvable death, sometimes, for the survivors.
  3. by   Mobeeb
    This happened in our ED several years ago. A man presented stating that he wanted to be an organ donor. He shot himself in the head in triage. He did not survive. One of the other patients ran screaming out of our ED with only a sheet wrapped around her. Later, we received a call from one of the ED's in town that a patient was there claiming we were shooting patients in the ED!