Malaysia: Getting more Chinese, Indian nurses for govt hospitals

  1. universal issues faced across the world ...getting off on holidays and communication. karen

    getting more chinese, indian nurses for govt hospitals
    [color=#6f6f6f]new straits times, malaysia - sep 8, 2006

    george town: more chinese and indians are likely to be recruited as nurses in government hospitals. at present, about 80 per cent ...

    he said in the present situation there might not be enough nurses working during certain festivals because most of them were from one race.

    "the workload for healthcare should also be evenly distributed among the races so that there are less communication problems," he said.

    "the workplace will be more conducive if nurses are working in a multi-racial environment which reflects the make-up of the country."
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  3. by   Elephant Memories
    I definately agree with Datul Lee Kah Choon. Being a Malaysian myself, I am proud by the racial diversity that there is, but there is also a underlying strain of racial envy. Not only should the government and private companies strive to gain a racial balance, but there should also be consideration for the natives of malaysia, such as the Iban, Melanaus, Bidayuhs, Penans and such. Not only should a racial balance be sought after, but the individuals who are creating the legislation and implementing the rules should also not be short sighted by the quotas or the numbers. Granted there will be certain areas in Malaysia that will have more of one race than another, but this should not fall prey to the rigid 50-25-25.
    As young as Malaysia is, it has growing pains, but still a lot to be proud of.