LTC Aides don't lose licenses-pictures of corpse because patient was "already dead" - page 5

This is an old case but not yet a settled one involving the alleged abuse of a nursing home patient by three nursing aides at a Michigan nursing facility moments after her death. I thought of posting... Read More

  1. by   mizfradd
    Quote from birdgardner
    What they did to a corpse was not grossly abusive - moving the arms, patting it, saying wake up - it was disrespectful and callous. Probably not illegal, but you don't have to do something illegal to lose a license, and the aides should.

    Uh, news flash...what they did was abusive as well as an assault on her dignity,
    I don't give a care what the kangaroo court said!!!!!!!

    Wonder if that was your mother, sister or grandmother if you'd think
    their actions were just ' disrespectful and callous' ?!

    And, for you being a nursing student, you should know CNA's
    are NOT licensed. We are certified.

  2. by   ImNotWitty
    I haven't read everyone's opinions yet, but I am going to go ahead and give mine.

    I don't care what a court decided. I still think what those "girls" did was absolutely wrong. Just because their lawyers found a loop hole in the wording of the law does not make that kind of behavior ok.

    The one thing that comes to mind for me with these "girls" keeping their license is the fact that if the think this is ok behavior, what else will they do to a patient. LTC facilities often have individuals who are no longer themselves. People who may not know what is being done to them. I think these "girls" thought they could get away with it because the patient couldn't do anything about it. What about the live patients that can't do anything when mistreated? I think these girls might in the past or in the future take advantage of those types of people. Making fun of and laughing at elders dead/ or alive is not my idea of a funny joke.

    I am not an RN YET so I don't know if this is the common opinion, but it is certainly mine. I think they need to be closely monitored if even employed at all. This makes me said.

    Bravo to those LADIES who reported this behavior. Thank you for being brave enough to do something.
  3. by   calliesue
    Don't know about anywhere else but in Tx there is a misconduct registry. These girls should be on a misconduct registry somewhere.