Letter: Fulltime nurses are critical in schools

  1. [color=#006666]letter: fulltime nurses are critical in schools
    with the increase of chronic diseases in children, school nurses play an increasingly important role in the safety of our students. more than just someone with a kind word and an ice pack, school nurses are first responders who must use stethoscopes and calculate insulin on a daily basis; judge the severity of an allergic, diabetic or asthmatic reaction; assist students with seizure disorders, undergoing cancer treatment or other health challenges.
    no longer are children with these health issues the well recognized rarity in a school. on average, three asthmatic children are in every classroom. asthma is the sixth leading cause of death in children ages 5-14. these deaths were preventable with prompt medical treatment. starting in january, over half of our elementary school students will be without a fulltime nurse in their school to provide such care. only three of arlington's seven elementary schools will have fulltime nurses.

    full story: letter: fulltime nurses are critical in schools [arlington advocate,ma]
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