Leading Nursing Assoc. Says Bush Budget Worsens Nursing Shortage &Fails AddressIssues

  1. President Bush's proposed federal budget for 2008 fails to adequately address the growing shortage of nurses and nursing educators, emergency department crowding, and other vital emergency care issues according to the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), a medical association representing more than 32,000 emergency nurses.

    More... Leading Nursing Association Says Bush Budget Worsens Nursing Shortage and Fails to Address Emergency Department Crowding (U.S. Newswire via Yahoo! News)
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  3. by   Shamira Aizza
    1. If this actually is an exacerbation to the nursing shortage, it's because it is too socialistic.

    2. One of the primary issues contributing to the shortage of nurses is not at the federal level, but rather at the employer level. Hospitals should see what other facilities are doing to retain staff instead of just blaming the government.

    The nursing shortage didn't just happen in 2000.

    Including the feds in finding a solution is practical, but depending on them to lead the way is ludicrous.