Lawmakers To Curb Cell Phone Use At Nursing Homes - page 3

hope they don't pass some bull reactionary law banning cell phones because of these people. lexington, ky. -- kentucky officials are trying to prevent cell phone abuse in nursing homes... Read More

  1. by   OldPhatMC
    So we ban cell phones because of the camera and sound recorder functions? Next we ban cameras, sound recorders, and telephones. Laptops next? How about electric lights and and hot tap water? Maybe we should ban pencils, pens, and paper so we can't write anything on our hands that we can take out of the building?

    It's not the technology, it's the users. I think a few of us have commented on the very valid point that the perpetrators were in violation of several laws and the ethical standards of the profession. Let's see them get the punishment they have earned. But misusing a tool won't stop by removing the tool; there will be substitutes.

    And I won't part with my cell phone, which is also my copy of Davis's Drug Guide and a number of other nursing references. The appropriate use of a telephone is something that I, as a professional, already understand. Perhaps not having a phone in your hand was a luxury a few years ago, but today, it's expected. I will not answer personal calls and really don't believe that personal calls to staff of any kind (yes, I do mean the sick family members, the kids in school, and the spouses stuck in traffic) should be accepted. But if I need to consult with a physician at the patient's bedside and the phone doesn't work or is blocked, I better have an alternative at my fingertips.

    OldPhatMC sends.