Lawmakers To Curb Cell Phone Use At Nursing Homes - page 2

hope they don't pass some bull reactionary law banning cell phones because of these people. lexington, ky. -- kentucky officials are trying to prevent cell phone abuse in nursing homes... Read More

  1. by   madnurse2b
    You know there are cruddy, nasty, awful people everywhere. HIPAA violations, and inappropriate use aside - I have my drug guide, and a diagnostic manual loaded to my iphone. Now I hear that my instructors are going to ban cell phones from the floor altogether! Where are we going to find a balance? How do you get rid of the bad parts in the technology and keep the good?
  2. by   LHH1996
    oh...great...another LTC regulation...Calgon take me away!!!!!!
  3. by   flightnurse2b
    how about instead of curbing cell phone use, they curb hiring scum bags like this who exploit the residents using their cell phones? those people should be put in jail and not allowed to care for others again.

    for me, this is a case of blame the person, not the gun.
  4. by   keithjones
    KY is a democrat controlled state and this response is typical. Its just like hate crime legislation... there are already laws on the book you can prosecute these jerks with but instead you use the excuse to create a new burdensome law that punishes the innocent. for those that don't know hate crimes legislation is being used against churches who have moral objections to hiring homosexuals.
  5. by   libnat
    where did my other post go, oh well.

    kentucky voted mccain the last election, we used to have a republican governor until that last election, this "democratically" controlled state even voted to change their constitution to deny gays their rights so i wouldn't worry too much on that point. did i mention our republican senators. red state is thy name.
  6. by   keithjones
    ky has had 4 years of republican governance out of like 40 years. we are a conservative state but state politics is very democrat here. my sunday school teacher is a republican representative and in the minority. its a my parents voted democrat and i grew up democrat so im voting democrat kind of mentality even though on an issue by issue basis they are conservative. it blows my mind!
  7. by   libnat
    we are a conservative state but state politics is very democrat here.
    The democratic side of things is based on the unions not social beliefs which again make your the gays are coming comment moot. Blue dog dems aka republicans in all but name.
  8. by   Beachgrlnurse107
    Quote from Michigan
    Agree, Let's call this what it is- ABUSE! Send them to jail, sex offenders list and NEVER, NEVER let them work with vulernable people again. DO NOT need new laws, enforce the ones we already have. In my building you are not allowed to have a cell phone, unless required for the job (supervisior, staffing, etc). Cell phones need to be in lockers or left in car. Emergency? Have family call main number like everyone else.
    I agree completly. It is awful what those people did. Laws do need to be enforced.
  9. by   pantheon7
    Thanks for the info. Cell phones are used way too often and abused a lot as well. Maybe a designated area would be the best solution. Just like they have for people that smoke! I don't smoke but people that do should have the option just as people that want to use their cell phones should.
  10. by   Kris10lp
    I believe cell phones are abused quite a bit, but making across the board laws when the real problem is that anyone who does something like this is not right in the first place. We had a similar siutation happen at our facility, not as bad but a picture taken of a resident sent to another empolyee. There is something wrong with a person who doesn't think hmmm...this probably isn't something I should do...heck the fact that you are even thinking about doing this means you are working in the wrong area. How about screening empolyees better instead of punishing the decent ones to get to the wackos. Especially when it comes down to it the people that behave right will follow the rules and these other idiots will find some other way to screw up.
  11. by   mar326
    Cell phones a banned from the LTC I work at by the administration. They said they interfer with the equipment. We have signs on our entery doors "NO CELL PHONES". Funny thing is the other day our Medical Director was on his cells phone at the nurses station talking to his wife. When I go in the staff locker room at 2:59, you can hear many cell phones ringing. It's kinda funny. The DON is know to have her cell phone go off when staff is in her office. It gives us a good laugh.
  12. by   missyd1991
    This is the most disturbing thing I have ever read, how could anyone be so sick and twisted to do this to anyone. I hope they go to jail. The facility should be loooked at by the state as well because someone had to know this was going on and it should never have gotten this far.:angryfire
  13. by   2BSure
    I say fire them all just to make sure and I include the management. It must have been some culture of patient disrespect in the first place even before this disgusting stuff happened. This stuff never happens in a vacuum. Hopefully they will successfully prosecute all of them.

    As for a law about cell phones? Give me a break. My workplace doesn't allow personal cell phones and I fully support that for a myriad of reasons.