LA: High schools add nursing course (The Natchez Democrat)

  1. VIDALIA-Students at Ferriday and Vidalia High Schools next year will have the opportunity to become Certified Nurses Assistants and phlebotomists by the time that they graduate.

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    there are several programs in philadelphia area that offer medical career exploration programs along with others across country.

    see: connecting youth to employment opportunities in healthcare
  4. by   sockmonkey70
    I actually lived bout 45 minutes from this program and wish I would have taken the time to do it. They used to offer it as a summer school type option for very little $$$.
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  5. by   SharonH, RN
    I see no real advantage to this for the students. They are being led to believe that this is the first stepping stone into the health profession as though patient care technician is a rung on the ladder to being a nurse or a radiologist as one student mentioned. Wouldn't their interests be better served by spending that time in school focusing on science or math courses which could better help them get into college and pursue the health careers they want rather than getting bogged into back-breaking, low-paying work? This is a great way for local hospitals and nursing homes to get cheap labor trained on the taxpayer's dime while duping those poor kids into thinking they are on their way. And I am betting you anything that the students they sucker into these classes are minorities/poor people/academically weak students. Poor Keiosha Smith thinks it will be better than working in a grocery store. Well I've done both and I wouldn't count on it.
  6. by   TruDivaRN
    my high school offered an allied health program. i got my na certification when i was 17. it's hard to believe that was nearly 11 years ago !!!
  7. by   arpeggiated
    My high school had a CNA program. Generally, the ones taking it also were taking advanced courses, or extra college courses to start going to nursing school.