Jury decides in favor of nurses

  1. A Jasper County jury has awarded two former nurses at St. John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin verdicts of $116,000 and $45,000 in their lawsuit against the hospital.

    The nurses alleged they were forced to quit their jobs after raising concerns about patient safety.

    The jury awarded damages of $116,000 to Ramona Brandon and $45,000 to Karen Stoner at the conclusion of a four-day trial in Jasper County Circuit Court in Joplin on Thursday.

    Brandon and Stoner claimed they were forced to quit their jobs at St. John's in early 2000 due to concerns they had raised about the impact on patient safety of a hospital policy change that permitted emergency medical technicians to take over all the duties of registered nurses in the hospital's gastrointestinal lab.

    The nurses claimed the policy change resulted in medical errors being made that climaxed with the death of a female patient. They alleged the death was due to an EMT's negligence during a procedure in the lab in June of 1999.

    Full Story: http://www.joplinglobe.com/story.php...id=210439&c=87
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