Judge Rejects Governor's Plan For Nurses

  1. In the meantime, the governor is hitting the airwaves to raise support for his package of California reform initiatives, NBC4's Conan Nolan reported.

    The governor is on the campaign trail promoting four major reforms of state government, from merit pay for teachers to redistricting of legislative borders.

    Yet, he is being dogged by a separate issue - his battle with the California Nurses Association.

    A Sacramento judge Monday rejected Schwarzenegger's efforts to delay a law, signed by then-Gov. Gray Davis, that would increase the current patient to nurse ratio from 6-to-1 to 5-to-1.

    "The authority asserted by the governor is so far outside what a Governor has the authority to do that the details of the regulation are not what's at issue," James Eggleston, legal counsel for the California Nurses Association, said. "It's a massive power grab."

    The nurse's union claims the governor is doing the bidding of hospital corporations that are more interested in profits than in patient care.

    The governor says he wants to delay the law because the state is already suffering a shortage of 14,000 nurses... The governor's office has appealed the ruling.
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