JCAHO Guide Helps Small Town America Plan for Catastrophic Events

  1. better late than never!

    from advance for nurses.com:

    jcaho has released standing together: an emergency planning guide for america's communities, which is a guide for small, rural and suburban communities to both prepare for and successfully respond to major local and regional emergencies-whether they be hurricanes, floods, terrorist attacks, major infectious outbreaks, hazardous materials spills or other catastrophic occurrences.
    "the devastation of hurricane katrina is an all too recent and stark reminder of the need to anticipate and plan for mass casualty disasters," says dennis s. o'leary, m.d., president, joint commission. "communities need to grasp the reality that they may well be largely on their own for several days following a major disaster."

    the planning guide is the culmination of a 2-year project funded by the illinois department of public health, the maryland institute of emergency medical services systems and the national center for emergency preparedness at columbia university.

    the centerpiece of the project involved the convening of two expert roundtable sessions in may and october 2004 to identify challenges, solutions and recommendations. the national 43-member panel included representatives of federal, state and local agencies; front-line emergency responders, emergency preparedness planners, and public health and hospital community leaders, among others....
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