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I noticed this story on NPR's website this evening. . Given the aging of the boomers, it examines an issue that has the potential to affect nearly all of us in one way or another in the... Read More

  1. by   nursemarion
    The problem is, only MA pays for nursing home care and nursing home waiver care. Medicare, which most of us will (hopefully if it survives) have will not pay for it. So, we are talking only about a subgroup of seniors. I agree that home care is usually the ideal situation, but we cannot get enough staff as it is, let alone if there were more people who would need it.

    For MH/MR which is often funded by MA they quite often have group homes. Small homes with 24 hour care for only a few clients. This might be a compromise that could be doable. It would still be a homey environment but we could better staff it and sharing the resources would be more realistic, plus regulating and controlling it would be easier.

    Perhaps we are coming to the point that MH/MR reached long ago, where large institutions are going to become obsolete. This has to be a whole societal evolution to work, but it probably could.
  2. by   DC Collins
    Quote from TDCHIM
    I didn't get the impression from the story that making home care a civil right as specified in the story would somehow entitle anyone to another's labor without compensation.
    Actually, it does. The person doing the labor may be paid, but it is the person who is neither doing the labor nor receiving the benefits of that labor who is having to pay for that labor.

    'Tis theft and servitude if not granted freely and voluntarily.

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  3. by   DC Collins
    I am with ammonthenephite:

    "The only human right is that of self-determination. All other rights are spawned from and subsets of this right." Me, circa 2005

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  4. by   tiroka03
    Wheter it is a civil right or not is debateable, it still doesn't mean it's possible. Because homecare payrates are so low, who will be stepping in and filling in the gaps to provide this care? Can you find reliable honest help when you need it?

    Five years ago, my mom was staying with my two children and I. We provided basic care, and also managed her many health issues. However, as she become for needy, it was difficult to continue without help. I worked nights, and my mom need care during the day. This could only be done if I woke up every 2 to 3 hours to attend to her needs. So, I tried everywhere to get help in during the day for an hour or two. Didn't have to be a nurse, could have been a CNA. However, everytime we got it set up, people would call in sick, or would run really late, or the agency would deciede there was an emergent situation at another home, and they would skip our house. The care, when it happened was good. It just wasn't dependable. Had my mom been exercing her civil rights to stay at home, even with an agency on board, she would have gone many days without care. As a result, I regretfully placed my mom in a nursing home.

    We have many rights as citizins, but not all rights are possible. For instance, I have a right to good dental care. I have insurance, but after life expense, I can't afford it. So very slowly I get my teeth fixed, one at a time over years. Do, I have the right to good dentist care? Yes, but only if I am not working and on welfare will I see my teeth fixed, or if I am higher paid and can dole out the cash a little more readily.

    I have a neighbor who is intelligent, alert and young. However the only way she can recieve care is in a nursing home. This is because her physical condition is such that home care agencies refuse to take her on, and the government will only assist her finacially if she has a bonded agency care for her. Catch 22, there are qualified people who could care for her, but aren't allowed to do it because they are not connected to a bonded agency.
  5. by   DC Collins
    My personal opinion is that the Supreme Court is a panel of fatheads who fail to understand the plain language of the Constitution - especially the Bill of Rights, on a regular basis, regardless of the topic.

    To me there are two definitions of "civil rights". The real thing, logically and morally, and that which is legislated and enforced - and the two are quite often different.

    The 'real thing' recognizes that there is no civil right which *forces* one person to support or do something for another. Prevents harm by one to another, yes. Forces anything, including aid, no, since doing so violates the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

    Just MHO.

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  6. by   DC Collins
    Quote from Saysfaa
    Is the answer really "do the best you can", or is it "we know you can't do it but do it anyway. Then whenever someone decides to make an issue of the fact that you are not doing it, for any reason, we will prosecute or at least fire you"?

    That is actually not meant to be a flippent question, although I think it may look like it is.
    This isn't flippant to me. Rather it is a valid viewpoint of what the FedGov quite often does, regardless of the topic.

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  7. by   DC Collins
    Quote from caliotter3
    If the federal and state authorities stopped funding home care in lieu of institutions for all of those that receive it, I would be out of a job permanently. Of course I support home care, it is my bread and butter, with a glass of milk here and there.
    1) I support home care as well. I just don't support robbing Peter to pay Paul to accomplish it.

    2) Actually, you might be out of that particular job. Good thing your skills (at least in a decent economy) transfer to other areas of nursing.

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  8. by   steelydanfan
    Quote from DC Collins
    1) I support home care as well. I just don't support robbing Peter to pay Paul to accomplish it.

    2) Actually, you might be out of that particular job. Good thing your skills (at least in a decent economy) transfer to other areas of nursing.

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    The Federal government may LIKE alot of things to happen, but unless they pony up the dollars, it aint gonna.
    And unless the people who WANT all these things are willing to pay higher taxes, it aint gonna happen. And I'm talking about ALL of you who voted Republican in the last election. You gave rich people a tax break, and voted yourselves deeper into poverty.