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  1. by   Esme12
    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Nursing programs aren't alone in promoting the "nursing shortage", the media, federal/local governments and to some extent some in the profession are all guilty as well.

    Late as yesterday was again promoting becoming a RN as one of the "hottest" and well paid careers of the coming years, and yes there will be a shortage of them as well.

    For every staff nurse who warns anyone who listens to run fast and far you have academia and others well placed in the profession saying otherwise.

    Again hospitals and such aren't affected at once by a gult of new nurses, but nursing programs and those who run and or are employed by them have much to fear from a large downturn in enrollments. I mean it's not like scores of nursing professors and other education staff are going to go running back to the bedside full time.
    ABSOLUTELY....and the ANA are one of the biggest offenders
  2. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Personally think part of the problem is many new grads want to work in hospital for most of their career, or at least think they do. Cannot imgaine why but there it tis.

    Sadly for them the profession is changing along with healthcare delivery services in the United States. The trend of less and less being performed as inpatient service, and instead moving out into the community and or into LTC sort of facilities is only accelerating. That is where a majority of nursing jobs are going to be in future.

    Am sure you've all seen it; post op patients or others are discharged to home or a skilled nursing/rehab facility within days. It has gotten so that nursing students in our area are often sent to such places to do their med/surg clinicals because that is where a decent census of patients can be found.