Iowa Nurses Approve Contract, Avoid Strike

  1. Dubuque nurses approve contract, avoid strike set for Wednesday

    A Dubuque hospital's nurses voted Monday to accept a last-minute contract offer from administrators, heading off what had threatened to be Iowa's first nurses' strike in decades.

    Members of the Service Employees International Union voted 219-13 to approve the offer from leaders of Finley Hospital.

    The union had announced June 8 that it intended to strike this Wednesday. Hospital administrators had said publicly that they'd arranged to hire replacement nurses to care for patients if staff nurses walked off their jobs.

    Finley's nurses voted to join the union in 2003. Their representatives had been negotiating since then on terms for the first contract. Leaders said the main sticking points involved pay and involvement in patient care decisions by the hospital's 333 nurses. Union members rejected a previous offer last month, but their leaders recommended a yes vote Monday.

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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    I am glad they didn't have to strike.

    Too often it seems there needs to be a strike vote to show that the nurses are serious.