Integrated wireless telephones with its existing nurse call system


    Avaya Bolsters Healthcare Client Base

    04/12/05 9:20 AM PT

    The hospital is able to create mobile workgroups that can communicate on demand. This is achieved by combining the "push-to-talk" capabilities of Avaya IP wireless telephones with the ability to set a specific communication channel.

    Avaya this week reported that three health-care organizations are leveraging its mobility solutions to improve patient care and operations.

    Avaya said that Sierra View District Hospital of Porterville, Calif., Children's Hospital of Central California, and Condell Medical Center of Libertyville, Ill. are using its enterprise mobility solutions to address the competing priorities of managing costs and improving service....

    ...The Children's Hospital Central California is one of the largest pediatric facilities in the nation. In order to help its 1,000 nurses spend more time serving patients -- and less time traveling back and forth to a central workstation -- Children's Hospital has equipped them with Avaya IP wireless telephones.

    This lets nurses make or receive calls as they move throughout the hospital, eliminating the need to return to a central workstation each time they need to contact a doctor, a colleague or a patient's family member....

    ...For example, a nurse can broadcast a request for assistance in moving a patient by pressing a button, eliminating the need to search for available team members, remember extensions or use the hospital's paging system.

    Children's Hospital also deploys Avaya IP Softphone, a mobility solution that delivers all of the functions of an office telephone on a desktop or laptop computer.

    Condell Medical Center, an acute care facility near Chicago, has integrated Avaya IP wireless telephones with its existing nurse call system to improve responsiveness to patients.

    When a patient presses the call assistance button, a text message is automatically displayed on the attending nurse's Avaya wireless handset. Nurses immediately know assistance is needed, no matter where they are in the hospital....

    ...Similarly, Condell staffers can send text messages to members of its Environmental Services team to let them know when a room needs to be cleaned or serviced.

    According to Sue Mesmer, communications manager for Condell, Avaya IP wireless telephones with push-to-talk capability are proving especially useful for physicians, nurses and technicians in the emergency room, surgical department and other settings where rapid, easy-to-use communication is imperative.

    By broadcasting team alerts and getting immediate answers to potentially life-saving questions with the press of a button, they are making a positive impact on patient care.
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  3. by   Judee Smudee
    Last week we were dealing with a computer system that was down. My unit was lucky our system was down intermittently. Some units had no computer for the whole shift. The week before we have had intermittent problems with our phones. Patient phones have been up and down and unit phones have been up and down. I wish these techies would concentrate on getting the systems that are out there to work before they invent even more complex ones.