Injuries While Caring for Patients

  1. What can be done to protect our nurses?

    Patients are a common hazard that goes hand-in-hand with nursing jobs. It's not infrequent that nurses suffer bites, scratches and punches at the hands of their patients. Many of these injuries are serious, require medical intervention and leave scars and damage that last a lifetime.

    ...As she reaches up to restart the pump, the glow from the sunrise illuminates a long, discolored scar that runs from her right wrist to the middle of her forearm. At a previous job in a nursing home...

    More... Injuries While Caring for Patients - Wall Street Journal
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  3. by   oramar
    I can't get this to come up. That is OK for me anyway, hubby subscribes. I will just go to web site and read it.
  4. by   Nursebarebari
    Wow, thanks for this article. Love it.
    Everything mention is so true. Few years back when I use to work in a nursing home, I got slapped by a resident. He was young - about 35 and mildly retarded so nothing was done. I felt the pain for some time. Last month a 70 tear old demented nursing home resident who was transfered to our facility for peg placement kicked one of my co-workers so hard that she landed on the floor. Of course nothing was done because he was a patient and old and demented. Incident report was done and that was it. There are so many of this kind of event that I know of, but what can one do?
  5. by   Indy
    One particular guy comes to mind reading this. His hemoglobin was ridiculously low- I think he turned out to be an occult GI bleed- so if he hadn't needed blood so badly, I would have been more than happy to raise holy hell and insist on him going to jail the night he was admitted.

    Except I knew from his labs that it just wasn't feasible. So. He got tied down, he got stuck full of haldol, he tried to break my arm, he kicked the sup in the head, etc. He got 4 point restraints and hurt his wrists on them from 6 hours of struggling against them violently. Very bad night, he got all my attention and then some.

    Okay so fast forward a month. He's in (not in icu thank god but I really feel bad for the floor nurses and CNA's) for some other thing. His relatives confirm, he's been that mean and that nasty all his life, and he's been in so many fights that he's got longterm subacute brain injuries I'm sure. Then the low oxyen from the night I had to put up with him seems to have pushed his dementia over the edge a bit. The language is beyond the pale. The racism he's had all his life and I can not stand to have my coworkers and friends treated the way he treats them. Everytime he's admitted he has to be tied down just to be treated. He doesn't get very good care because people don't want to be verbally or physically abused and that's what he does.

    Here's my problem. I don't care. I don't care if he doesn't get treatment and dies at home. I don't care if he gets hit by a bus running down the street with his butt hanging out. At this point, I don't care if he dies in jail, flailing around like a wild animal. A person who treats other people as badly as he does, should not have complete freedom from consequences. I don't know of anyone in the facility who would hurry up if he coded; maybe the doctors since they aren't subject to his abuse for longer than 5 minutes or so per day.

    I don't know what the answer is. For anyone who can muster up the compassion to care for this dude, please, feel free to try and bathe him.
  6. by   cmo421
    Now if we can just get someone to take care of the injured nurse /hospital worker instead of casting them to the side and trying to get out of paying them and rehabilitating them.
  7. by   oramar
    Did you notice, there link in article to discussion boards where people are posting on this subject. Pretty neat what they are saying, most of which we have already seen here.
  8. by   leslymill
    I have been kicked in the gut to where I keeled over bent in two. I have been bitten to the point of having swollen teeth marks on my arm.(no break in skin).
    I have been scratched with filthy, razor sharp, jagged nailed so bad I had to be tested for HIV along with three other HCPs.