Inadequate sterlization technique exposes >3000 to Hepatitis at Kaiser

  1. About 3,200 female patients from four Northern California Kaiser facilities, including Vallejo and Vacaville, have been notified that they may face a hepatitis infection due to improperly sanitized equipment during operations dating back four years.

    The women all received hysteroscopy procedures in which doctors examine the interior of the uterus for diagnostic purposes.,00.html


    Kaiser Permanente officials also clarified that patients notified in Redwood City and Sacramento received gastrointestinal procedures, not hysteroscopy procedures as the hospital first reported Thursday. Scopes used in the GI procedure, in which doctors inspect the intestines for potential digestive tract diseases, were not properly sterilized.,00.html
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    that is simply HORRIBLE!