House amends NMC nursing bill (Saipan Tribune)

  1. The House of Representatives has amended a Senate-introduced nursing bill to include a condition that nonresident nursing graduates of the Northern Marianas College can only work in the CNMI if no qualified nurses are available.

    House Vice Speaker Justo Quitugua said the House passed with amendments Senate Bill 15-58 or the Nonresident Nurses Work Experience Waiver during a session Tuesday morning.

    The bill was the only item on the House agenda that was acted on during the session since members opted to use most of their time discussing the federal minimum wage hike issue.

    The House had also cut their session time to an hour to attend the monthly meeting of the Strategic Economic Development Council at the Governor's Office at 10am.

    The SEDC meeting focused on strategies to counter plans in the U.S. Congress to implement federal labor and immigration in the CNMI.

    Quitugua said S.B. 15-58 was passed unanimously with amendments that he introduced.

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