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hospital turning back clock a bit on nurses’ uniforms the state, sc - 19 hours ago ... ago, when almost all nurses were easily identifiable by standardized uniforms,” said sandy summers, executive... Read More

  1. by   PANurseRN1
    Not only do I iron my scrubs, I use Niagra spray starch on them too, as well as the long sleeve white tee I wear under the top.

    Weird? Maybe. Neat? Definitely.
  2. by   Nurse Beth
    Quote from mshellfinch
    The title badge is just a circular piece of plastic with a colored sticker on it, navy blue with white letter for RN, light blue with white for LPNs turqoise with white letters for the PCTs (patient care tech -cna's with training to remove foleys and ivs, and take blood sugars) and maroon with white lettering for the CNAs. The circle fits over the clip that clips the actual name badge onto our uniforms. It makes the nursing staff very identifiable to the rest of the hospital. I have found it quite helpful myself on many occasions. I hope that helps you get a visual of the badge.
    Yes, thanks, sounds good
  3. by   AshestoBeauty
    Quote from TDub
    I wish we went back to caps. I loved wearing my cap!
    I'm really not trying to be funny but do you really mean this. I would love to know what is it about the cap. Have you seen the mother on The 70's Show come home from the hosp. with her cap on. Please say you're kidding. . Please say it.
  4. by   AshestoBeauty
    Quote from lupin
    You know what? I am employed by a hospital, not the marine corps. I like my scrubs with flowers and frogs and lizards and yes, even Scooby Doo on them. I am a nurse and I am an individual and I feel that cramming me into an uncomfortable dress uniform that went out of practicality three decades ago or telling me that I can only wear one color of scrubs takes away that sense of individualism. Do we not have enough problems as nurses?
    Vent over:typing .
    I totally agree. I like my individuality. Unfortunately I also need a job and so I had to go with the stark, blanche whithe get-up. I also had a geriatric pat. say to me that it's refreshing to see nurses in white the way it used to be. I wanted to gag. Under my breath I asked her if I should also wear my cape and carry a glass thermometer.
  5. by   AshestoBeauty
    Quote from mshellfinch
    Our transportation team have nice polo shirts that the hospital provides, but there is one who insists on wearing scrubs. .
    Obviously you haven't met the one on my job who insists on wearing a long, white lab coat. And takes patients to appointments wearing it. . I mean she actually goes into the doctor's office with it on. It doesn't stay behind in the van.
  6. by   AshestoBeauty
    Quote from neneRN
    Hospital I'm at is going to all one color for on colors this week; will be hunter green, ciel, or black- from the majority I've talked to, seems like its going to end up being black...yea, that's what the pt wants to see, all the nurses dressed in head to toe black, a little too morbid, I think.
    And which mortuary did you say you worked?