Hospital to share stroke expertise around state via robots

  1. pontiac, mich.-when a patient arrives at an emergency room with symptoms of a stroke, doctors must act fast. but the crucial decisions that can prevent death or severe disability are harder to make without a neurologist, and not every hospital has one on call.
    starting next month, however, 21 michigan hospitals will have what is being touted as the next best thing: a robot on call.
    spearheaded by st. joseph mercy oakland hospital, the project is one of several around the country in which stroke specialists from one hospital are using technology to share their expertise with smaller facilities. experts say it's a trend that could greatly improve patients' chances of recovery.
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    How is this any improvement over having a neurologist consulting with the physician at the bedside by telephone?

    It is an inifficient use of valuable resources to have people working for this corporation on subtituting a robot for a person instead of caring for patients. Or doing some other useful job.