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Hospital ban for abusive patients Jun 3 2004 By Matt Withers Daily Post WELSH hospitals have been forced to turn to the courts in a bid to ban abusive patients.... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    Quote from vhope
    In my facility we were told in orientation that we would lose our job. I've known of one employee who worked mental health (much tougher rules) who was in the process of subduing a violent patient, tripped and fell on top of the pt and caused an injury to the pt. The worker was fired. As far as other floors, we are not even allowed to 'talk back'. Our one line reply is supposed to be offically, "I apologize for (upsetting situation). How can I make it better." It's easier said that done when a pt has a shaking finger in ones face and bad language coming out of the mouth. Coworkers have been written up for 'talking back', but none fired. Hitting results in instantaneous firing.
    I hope that nurse is suing the hospital that fired her...what happened was a result of her trying to subdue a violent attack, not her intentionally trying to harm a patient. This kinda stuff makes me livid!!

    My former employer's script for angry patients was as you quote..."I apologize, how can I make things better." too...totally innappropriate for an abusive out of control violent situation IMO. But this was how we are 'supposed' to respond when somebody is beating the crap out of a coworker with an IV pole...
  2. by   hipab4hands
    When are we going to be given the same courtesy.

    I'm a telephone triage nurse and patients think that because they can't see us in person, that it's ok to be verbally abusive or use foul language.

    I've actually have had patients tell me that they pay X amount in premiums each month and they can talk to me in any manner they wish.

    While I understand that patients are calling us at a stressful time in their lives, it doesn't justify being abusive to us. I

    I usually tell patients that they wouldn't allow me to call their homes and use abusive language towards them, so I expect them to show me the same courtesy, when they call me. If they are unable to be courteous, then the call is terminated.
    My supervisors don't like it, but they have never write me up either.
  3. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Maybe I won't survive in the nursing world long because if someone hits me, they better be prepared to be hit back. I will not have anyone abuse me, regardless of the rules. As lawsuit hungry as this world is today, why does a legitimate case such as patients abusing healthcare workers not get tried??? Where is the justice??? The reason I want to be a nurse is to try and bring back some of the compassion that is soooooo desparately missing from this world. And then to read something like this is quite disheartening...