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  1. by   kenny b
    Quote from MuddaMia
    My future plan to reap the best benefit possible is to move from Florida (ridiculous pay) to New Hamp or Rhode Island and commute into Boston to work. I know NH and RH are not "cheap", but there are good areas with great schools that are comparable in home prices to where I am now in Florida (yet the nursing pay in Boston is MUCH higher) so I think I will def. come out ahead.
    Why not live in Vt. and commute to Mass? You could live in a mansion with 50 acres in Vt. for the same COL. Heck of a commute though! Just a thought...
  2. by   kenny b
    Quote from oneLoneNurse
    Cost of living is important. BUT, if one makes a higher wage, SSI pays higher when you retire and if the employer contributes to a 401, a percentage of a higher salary/wage is higher. The retiree can chose to move somewhere with a cheaper COL once retired. Sooo in the long run I think the average person may be better off with a higher wage unless one is living in NYC when one factors in the above two pension variables.
    Agreed with one caveat. Depending on one's age, it may not be such a good idea to count on SSI. I think the 401k comment is right on target though! Not using that throws away free money.

    Kenny B.
  3. by   ashley5RN
    I live in NJ but commute to Philadelphia where I work as an ER Nurse.

    I make $63/hr. And more on holidays/weekends.
    Mind you, I've been a nurse for 20 yrs.

    Southern states tend to have lower salaries due to a lower cost of living.

    Hope this helps!

    -Ashley, RN.
  4. by   Deschain
    Well I'm in Texas now... I believe the statistics can be somewhat deceiving. Cost of living is low in a majority of Texas; however, to get the higher paying jobs you have to live in one of the large metro area such as Dallas or Houston where the cost of living is considerably higher. I live about 2 hrs east of Dallas and make probably $10/hr less than I would if I lived in the city... the cost of living is starting to creep up too, without the pay increase
  5. by   kathynhierb
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  6. by   >30yrsRN
    This is way off for FL most nurses I know that work in HCA hospitals make
    $45.00/hour and in the VA Hospitals $36/hour and HCA and Bayfront allow nurses to work for travel agency which also give them a stipend for housing 900.00 to 1200.00 a month. when was this study done? Orlando,Miami and Tampa pay high also.