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Patients at Community Health Network can hit the nurse-call button for everything from requesting an extra blanket to vital medical help. But now patients at Community's five area hospitals... Read More

  1. by   SCGreywolf
    Where I am at now, the Director has her picture on the wall with her daytime phone # for complaints. I sure am glad the patients can call her 'cause she never has time for her staff. It's a good hospital and the folks are competent here in the Unit. Lots of RAT calls 'cause the floor nurses aren't afraid to hit the button. Problem I see is that if the administrator that responds to the client phone call doesn't particularly like the nurse or is an anal ex-instructor, the poor nurse is really doesn't matter what she/he did or didn't do.
    The Wolf
  2. by   vivibonita
    I'm just wondering how many people will abuse this, and use it when they don't really needed. At our hospital we've already have patients push the "code blue" button to get a nurse to bring him/her water, as well as disconnect their heart rate monitors...

    We have to also realize that there are very needy people out there, that forget that they are in a hospital and believe they are in a resort. Maybe if they could reduce the amount of paperwork a nurse has to do, then there will be more time for patient care, which will possibly bring patient (customer) satisfaction.
  3. by   teeituptom
    From what I have read I find it to be an absolutely fabulous concept
  4. by   wooh
    Quote from kriso
    We have a nice printed sign in every patient's room that says if you are not happy with your care, call this number. It rings directly to administration (business hrs) and the house supervisor's phone (non-business hrs).

    Pretty soon we will be required to wear a bumper sticker on our bottoms that say, "If you are not happy with my nursing, call 1-800-CRAPPYCARE."
    You'd better get that copyrighted!!
  5. by   scooterRN52
    Quote from cmo421
    It is all about customer service these days! Clients and their families will surely like this new service and it might bring about many good things for staff also.Think about the statistics that could be gathered . If so many complain about the lack of availability of staff, they will have to look at the numbers. I am sure that whoever gets this job will be someone who has lots of tolerance and patience.
    Doing this will either cause management to hire more nurses or that senior nurse
    should be ready to teach patient and family. I'm sorry but I can't see any good from this idea. I thnk that the structure of teaching in colleges needs to change.
    Lets start by teacheng bedside care then hire more nurses so they can actually give good care instead of talking about it.