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actress Helen Mirren goes on record to say she thinks many hookers were nurses!!! :eek::eek::eek: I am so offended and incensed by this.....is there some way to collectively demand an apology? I... Read More

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    Quote from JoanJuxtaposed
    No one is "looking down on prostitutes and actors"

    You couldn't possibly have read through this discussion if you're claiming that. Plenty of people are looking down on both here, especially actresses. My response was to the many many condescending and insulting remarks about those in the acting profession. One can express their annoyance with her comment without bashing her (and in turn, fellow members of her) profession, many here have, but many others have not.

    She was just talking.... just recalling an experience, her experience in a brothel.

    Thing is, I feel for her because I'm pretty sure most people here (and people in general) would have made similar statements if they'd visited the work-place of some profession they had no experience with like she had. Like say, a fire-station where 3 or 4 of the 12 firemen you met revealed having once been male strippers. I'm sure that'd stick in most people's minds as something of interest and a little more than mere coincidence. And I'm sure that, in complete innocence, we'd probably regale whoever our audience was with that bit because, again, it was interesting. No one's trying to insult the profession when they describe it, they're just recalling what they heard first-hand.

    I know it's different because, unlike nurses, fire-fighters are regarded more... nobly in our society, but the teller of the story can't help that.

    Unlike many posters here, I really don't think Mirran was trying to belittle anyone's profession.
    My mistake, I should have written "I am not belittling actors or prostitutes."
    It is always interesting to see the relationships between careers and genders. Yes, I am sure some firemen have been male strippers, but the gruelling training which they undergo places them in a totally different category. As such, nurses, by and large are often seen as compassionate, caring women with large hearts. Therein lies the dilemma. The degree of studies, gruelling levels of academic achievement and positive impact on the development of health care are deliberately ignored- after all, the media love to write about the simple nurse who carries out a heroic deed, rather than the research nurse who promotes or presents new research findings for health.
    It is not in the media's interest to do so - and we as nurses, do not address it. If a nurse appeared on a popular tv programme, suggesting that actors are after all, ideal candidates for prostitution, imagine the reaction - from die hard fans, actors's guilds etc. My daughter is a talented actress but after resourcing the profession in LA and Hollywood and speaking directly with many acting coaches, trainers, flegling actresses, ( not to mention the beautiful young men and women waiters in restaurants), she chose other options at university - and I do respect her decision. (with some reservation)
    So is this really a tempest in a teapot or does it hint at deeper issues which have never been fully addressed in nursing?
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    QUOTE=JoanJuxtaposed;4368363 . . .It does. If you're going to look down on (or 'not respect') someone's profession, then you should take being looked down on for being a nurse in stride or else, yes, you are a hypocrite.
    Thanks for helping to further clarify your misunderstanding of the word. It's not going to help, sorry to say. This thread isn't about my reaction to being looked down on as a nurse. I can't control what others think. I can only influence. Vapid as Dame Helen appeared to be, I don't believe her comment indicated she was "looking down on nurses".

    Again, respect is subjective. It can't be demanded, except by one person. . . A R E T H A ohh yeah. .

    Yes, I know I just contributed to the further devolving of this thread, but really- did we have that far to go to hit bottom?
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