Hawaii Nurses Affiliate with Nation's Largest Nurses Union

  1. Hawaii Nurses Affiliate with Nation's Largest Nurses Union
    Decision Strengthens Nurses In Bargaining with Hospitals, Leaders Say

    [font=arial, helvetica]Honolulu, HI -- The Hawaii Nurses Association (HNA) has decided to join forces with the United American Nurses, AFL-CIO, the nation's largest union of registered nurses, the unions' leaders announced today. The HNA represents nearly 4,000 nurses in collective bargaining; the UAN represents more than 100,000 nurses nationally. Ana Silva, RN, chair of the HNA Transition Board of Directors, in a letter to members, called the decision "Wonderful news...a bold move, and a smart one for our members." She noted that the decision enables the union to "organize and educate nurses in each facility to negotiate better contracts for Hawaii's nurses."

    "This is a huge decision for nurses, by nurses, and I'm proud to welcome you to the UAN," said UAN President Cheryl Johnson, RN. "There's a big job ahead to win the working conditions, safe patient care, pay and respect nurses deserve," said Johnson. "There's been a lot of organizational turmoil in Hawaii in recent years, and nurses have been caught in the middle while employers took advantage. Those days are over. We can't count on hospitals to do the right thing, but nurses can count on each other."

    UAN's National Executive Director, Susan Bianchi-Sand is meeting with HNA leaders in Honolulu this week to discuss future action. "UAN resources, collective bargaining data and expertise, research, training and communications support are all available to Hawaii nurses as they fight for their profession and their patients," said Bianchi-Sand.

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