Hamilton nurse helps treat hundreds

  1. hamilton nurse helps treat hundreds
    'some of the best people in world'

    the air was fetid.

    the heat was oppressive.

    the hours were grueling.

    but after treating hundreds of patients in the aftermath of hurricane katrina in biloxi, miss., trauma nurse mark bowden of hamilton can't fight the urge to go back.

    "i just did 12 12-hour shifts in 90-some degree heat, with no days off, no shower for a week and a half, breathing in the worst aroma you can imagine. but i met some of the best people in the world," he said. "these were people who had lost just about everything but were willing to share whatever they still had. i feel kind of guilty sitting here on my front porch, sipping a diet pepsi, when i could be down there helping people."

    bowden, 44, who works at bethesda north hospital, is a member of the ohio disaster medical assistance team-5. that dayton, ohio-based group is part of a national network of medical professionals who volunteer to help federal agencies respond to disasters.

    bowden and 44 other ohio team members flew to memphis, tenn. they then traveled in a 75-vehicle convoy with a federal escort for protection from criminals who were attacking some rescuers amid the post-hurricane chaos.

    the team arrived aug. 30 in biloxi, a day after the hurricane and its 25-foot waves hit. the storm killed people and animals, wiped out biloxi's harbor docks and yachts and destroyed countless homes and cars.

    rubble was everywhere.

    so was the odor.

    full story: hamilton nurse helps treat hundreds [cincinnati.com,oh]
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