Good Sam nurses OK new contract

  1. nion nurses at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center have reached a new two-year contract with Samaritan Health Services after four months of bargaining and mediation.

    Union members ratified the contract proposal last Thursday, the Oregon Nurses Association announced this week. Negotiations began in May and went to mediation after progress stalled. The 370 nurses in the Good Sam bargaining unit had been working without a contract since July.

    The new agreement runs through June 30, 2007. Terms of the deal include:

    * A 9 percent total wage increase over the life of the contract.

    * A cap on insurance premium increases of 8 percent the first year and 10 percent the second year.

    * An increase in the nurses' educational fund.

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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Nine percent, eh? I'm always amazed at how our flagship hospital can pay its nurses so much more than the other hospitals in the system.

    I will say that SHS is, for the most part, a decent employer, and I personally intend to stay with them until I either retire, die, or move to Arizona. But there is a lot of generalized resentment about the pay inequities within the system, although it must be said that Good Sam does have the most advanced technology. (That's the argument used whenever contract negotiations begin elsewhere in the organization.) That said, I'm content to stay where I am.........of course, for me it's never been all about the $$ anyway, and I can't complain too much about my income when I've already more than doubled my starting RN wage in only eight years.

    Congratulations to GSRMC nurses on their new contract.......even though we may envy them their wages, I think it's safe to say that most of us 'poor stepchildren' wouldn't want to leave the comfort of our little community hospitals for anything!