Girl Power: 13 Baby Girls Born In 13 Hours

  1. Girl Power: 13 Baby Girls Born In 13 Hours

    Updated: 1:19 a.m. ET April 30, 20049:01 p.m. CDT April 29, 2004 - Officials at Northwest Community Hospital, in Arlington Heights, are sure they have broken some sort of record. Thirteen babies were born in 13 hours at the hospital and, what makes this story even more unusual, all the babies are the same sex.

    NBC5's Jennifer Mitchell reported Thursday that the babies "came one after another, after another."

    Little Abigail Blake was one of the first, but she and her mother had no idea what they were starting.

    Images: 13 Girls In 13 Hours

    "When (the doctor) came in to see me the first time I was like, 'It's about time,' and he goes, 'Well, I've been really busy.' And I had no idea how busy he really was," said Shelly Blake.

    Between 12 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Tuesday, 13 babies were born in 13 hours. All the babies are girls.

    Mary Lopez's daughter, born somewhere in the middle, was at the top of the list, weighing in at 10 pounds.

    "It's kind of a fun thing for her," Lopez said. "Ten years from now, being the third child in the family, she'll have something to kind of distinguish her from the other two."

    In a normal eight-hour period at Northwest Community, doctors usually deliver an average of about five babies.

    Needless to say, Mitchell said, it was a busy night and a first for Dr. Michelle Goldin, who helped deliver some of the babies.

    "I think they probably had to call in extra nursing staff and extra hands to help with the deliveries," Goldin said.

    "It's just a strange thing. First of all, it's a lot of deliveries in a very short period of time, and then it's a lot of girls," she said. "So, it's just very unusual." By the time noon rolled around, No. 13, otherwise known as Sophia O'Hare, entered the world. She is the second child for Becky O'Hare, who said the staff seemed amazed when she arrived from admitting with another expectant mom, although she didn't know why at the time.

    Mitchell said, though, that little Mason Nowak will have a story of his own to tell, since he was the boy who brought the girl streak to an end.

    His dad, Robert Nowak, said surely Mason will appreciate the fact that he was the only boy in a roomful of girls, "when he's old enough to understand."
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