Gauging health insurance needs, resources urged

    federal and state officials, along with private health-care interests, have produced conflicting estimates of how many people are uninsured, and how many could be covered using the money that currently flow to the charity hospital system.
    estimates of how many people are uninsured in louisiana range from 590,000 to more than 800,000. federal officials estimate that 319,000 people could be insured with the money that now finances safety-net care in the charity system, but state officials believe that figure is too optimistic.
    leavitt and cerise have been at odds since last year over the best way to revamp the health-care system. federal officials are pushing a plan that would redirect money from the charity hospital system into private insurance vouchers. but state officials say the federal plan is too costly, and would prefer to steer the uninsured into hmo-like "medical homes," such as community clinics, that could be either public or private.
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