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  1. by   PresumedInnocent
    I am not sure what you are asking?
  2. by   PresumedInnocent
    I was acquitted by an 8-person jury recently, something I would never want to be on the opposite side of. BON doesn't care, now I have sat for a polygraph exam. Another thing I would never want to be on the opposite side of. Now, I have experienced both, even though I would have never expected either. Anyway, I am on my way into new employment (hopefully) after nearly 2 years of limbo during an economic crisis. I have dedicated most of my life to healthcare, relishing in the fact that it is nearly a recession-proof career, but it has let me down when I most needed it. How fair is that? I am more interested in auditing regulatory compliance of clinical trials now as there is less bedside care involved, thus less exposure to false accusations. I know that the world has an abundance of nurses for bedside nursing , so I do not feel poorly in any way in abandoning my brethren at the bedside as they have so clearly demonstrated my admonition in these recent blogs. Thanks again peep's! See you in your own times.
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    Ruth Teichroeb of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports on sexual misconduct by employees at the SeaTac Federal Detention Center. "At least 20 sex-related incidents involving correctional staff and inmates have been reported at the prison in the past five years, according to Department of Justice records obtained through public disclosure. The allegations ranged from groping during pat-downs to forced sex. Yet not a single Bureau of Prisons employee at the facility has been prosecuted for sex-related crimes during that period." Federal statistics show that sexual abuse by corrections personnel is the most common complaint issued by inmates nationwide.