Foreign nurses face the axe in Britain - page 7

london: new rules designed to safeguard jobs for british trainee nurses could mean that thousands of foreign nurses already employed here are forced out of work. with as many as 80 per cent of... Read More

  1. by   RNsRWe
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    Never have a seen a american nurse not be able to find a job due to foreign nurses taking up those positions. The only bad thing I have seen happen from this is wages for nurses are stagnant.
    Out of everything you wrote, this was entirely my point. Well, that and the working environment situation. Given enough money, people will put up with anything, but if the working environment (adequate staffing and supplies) was better, lesser pay wouldn't be an issue. I think the salaries are fine, frankly. What I think needs dire help is the conditions under which a staff RN is expected to work. And as long as there is a steady stream of foreign nurses who are NOT unwilling to do the job under whatever conditions are foisted upon them, won't improve.
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    ... As for the nurses coming here with there BSN/MSN, they come here with those degrees because that is how there school system it set-up. From what I have heard from the foreign exchange student we hosted for a year the UK school system is way more advance then ours. As far as the Phillipine schools training their students for America. Where did this information come from? The Phillipines are not trained to go anywhere. They go for a better life. ..
    Well said. As I said before, labour is a comodity which can be bought and sold depending on demand and supply.