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Smithtown nurses charged with endangering kids after walk-out Ten nurses who abruptly resigned from their jobs last year at a Smithtown nursing center were charged Thursday -- along with an... Read More

  1. by   kabulujug
    My dad and my roommates are also nurses that are in a contract with Sentosa and the thing with Sentosa is that if you go to work and they can't get the other guy to get to his shift after you then like it or not you have to take that shift or if you're reliever is late and you do most of his time then you won't get paid for it.

    Sometimes they even call you on your day off, make you go overtime, then abruptly stop you as you're about to finish your shift and tell you that you need to go double since they can't find your reliever.

    Filipino nurses can bear the punishment but it sends a different signal when they break since the agency is milking every single drop they can with their recruits. I'm supposed to get into a contract also to cut my dad's 3-year contract into an 18-month contract but I refused since it won't do both of us good if we both get into contracts.

    On top of that, they keep putting up new work protocols that add up to work that's already grueling. Most likely the 10 were charged with endangerment since the agency might have thought that the 10 were on double since there might have been no relievers.
  2. by   SWS RN
    I just want to add two cents.

    I know this thread is old and I confess that I did not read all of the entries.

    I wanted to say to Pinoy guy and all of the other Filipino nurses that I have worked with 6 Filipino nurses over the last 17 years.

    They are with out a doubt the HARDEST working, most competent and pleasant nurses I have had the pleasure of working with.

    One of them is so proficient with IV starts that she is called all over the hospital-from the ER to ICU. The running joke is that she can get a blood return from a rock!....and she can!

    They willingly pick up extra shifts when we are short staffed and will take on extra patients, all without copping an attitude like many of the other staff members.

    THey are ALWAYS a joy to work with!
    KUDOS to all of you---I would much rather work with my Filipino friends then my moody American diva Rns!